Nic-Block Cigarette Filters

Nic-Block Cigarette Filters

  • Nic-Block Filters take away up to 90% of the tar and nicotine
  • Does not impact the taste of your cigarette
  • 5 normal or 8 light ciagrettes for every filter
  • There are thirty filters per pack

The Nic-Block Disposable Cigarette Filter is from the identical producer and the actual same filter as Nic-Out. This filter is the newest innovation in aiding individuals who smoke to reduce out the tar in cigarette smoke and to slowly lower the nicotine degree in their blood and therefore to minimize the cravings. Produced by scientists, this products is a ought to for any individual who smokes.

Nic Block is a plastic mechanical filter that goes on your cigarette to help remove about ninety% of the tar and minimizes nicotine.

Listing Cost: $ two.95


Automatic Ejection Butane Lighter Pocket Cigarette Circumstance

  • Black Cigarette Situation Jet Flame Lighter Dispenser
  • Retains ten typical cigarettes(84mm prolonged only)
  • This cigarette does NOT include gasoline

1. Dimension: 95¡Á65¡Á19mm

2. Material: stainless steel

What’s in the box

1 x Automatic Ejection Butane Lighter Pocket Cigarette Circumstance

List Price tag: $ 9.80


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